How to renew a replaced Mercedes ME9.7 Engine with Ktag Kess

Topic: Mercedes ME9.7 Engine get broken? what need & how to do?


1. New Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine like this one:

Here I attach 3images of ME9.7 ECU incl. outlook and pcb.

2. Ktag V7.020 / KTM100 ECU programmer:

Such as:

Ktag V7.020 with 4 led indicators (Red PCB)

Ktag V7.020 (Red PCB)

Image: How to connect the special cable between Ktag and the New ME9.7 Engine.

After the original ECU data is read out, you can use the Mercedes ECU ME9.7/272/273/ renew cable to connect KTM100 or KTAG to write the new ECU data into the new Mercedes ME9.7 Engine instead of dismantling the new ECU.

3. Mercedes ECU ME9.7/272/273/ renew cable

Full package: SO449+SE135-B1+SF237


This package offers a completely easy way to solve Mercedes ME9.7 ECU broken problem.

How to use Ktag KTM100 renew the data of Mercedes ME9.7 engine?

Step 1: Read out the original Mercedes ME9.7 ECU data with KTAG (If you don’t have the renew cable, you are supposed to read the data by removing the ECU) .

Take Mercedes S350 (W211) 2006 with ECU Bosch ME 9.7 for example.

Choose a model in KTag software

IMPORTANT: make a backup copy of the ECU

Plug the ECU to the Ktag programmer

Pin 2 = GND

Pin 15, 16 = +12V

Ktag is used to read Bosch Me 9.7 Mercedes (P102)


Save data.

***Now, don’t forget the above-mentioned renew cable, with it you don’t need to dismantle the ECU.

Step 2:

Install the brand new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine.

Step 3:

Write the original ME9.7 ECM data into the brand new ECM with the help of Ktag / KTM100.


Hope it helps.

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