How to fix the problem with nec adapter for upa?

Credits to @ PSAcars who made his contribution to all members having problem with nec adapter for upa programmer. After repair of missing line from R11 to J3, pin9 of IC1 to pin 24 of J2, giving and to pin 22 of 29F010 or 28C16 and giving and to J4 pin1 and J5 pin 1, he said he still have baudrate error. And one day it fell from the sky to me and he want to share it with you.





After a lot of work he found this. A line was connected to a dot that is passing to lear 2 of pcb. After that was cleared out, now the adapter is ok. He will give the bin file from 29F 010 and 28C16 if someone need them.
Today tested the 29F010 dump 100% working file.
upa nec adapter flash dumps.rar

Question: Can I write dump from 29f010 to sst39sf010a or someone have dump sst from working nec adapter ?
Answer: This is for you: Flash Cross Reference Guide

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upa programmer

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