Toyota Techstream Cable and Software Advice

I am in need of Toyota Techstream cable and software. Does anyone have any recommendations for either? Is there a specific software version I should be looking for?

Let’s read these reviews below:
1. I’ve had good luck buying Toyota Techstream cable from here:
mini vci for toyota

Ford £13, Just run the software in a virtual machine if you don’t have a dedicated diagnostic laptop. I use a dedicated XP laptop. It seems happy with this retirement arrangement.

I followed the instructions in this post:

And video demo:

Techstream software Windows 7 64 bit test report:
Keep in mind that there is a separate driver that must be installed for 64 bit (it’s included with the software). There’s also an install video to follow along with (doesn’t show 64 bit driver installation) that I found to be helpful in filling in the written instruction’s wording gaps. The computer I used was a Windows 7 64 bit laptop from around 2012.

NOTE If you do not have a cd drive for the included software (or already have the cable) there is a link to download the software. The seller also provides a remote access program you can setup on your computer and then email them the user id and password for them to remote access your computer to either install or fix whatever issue you are having.

Good luck!

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