Golf V add new key with FVDI successfully

Poster user FVDI adds a new key for Golf V successfully finally. Hope it helps.

Car model: Golf V

Purpose: add a new key

Tool to use: AVDI / FVDI

I tried to read data with FVDI and make transponder with VVDI2. My problem is:

– I read ConfData with FVDI
– Read ImmoData with FVDI
– Go to VVDI2 and load files, but I need EEPROM + flash, I think I have EEPROM, but not flash, so how can I read flash data with FVDI?

Post screen and files, this is my first Golf V CAN to add key.!1YYziShA!NDRembrJ3CbX3N8nqcZA-GgdU65AMYQr6JK9NbKV3g4

Immo data

Correct procedure:
The process is very simple.
With AVDI /FVDI, read immo data, make dealer key, update immo data, reset cluster and job done.

Finally. Problem solved, make a new key with FVDI

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