(Fixed) Audi A8 D2 V8 4.2 QUATTRO, lost all keys

Model year: D2 Generation, year 1998/1999

Audi A8 D2 V8 4.2 QUATTRO, lost all keys.

ecu type: BOSCH nr: 0261206015 VAG nr: 4D0907558H


am not interested in code new key. My question was if I can start the car when make Immo off in engine ecu. Nothing more I asked, I don’t have other tools than These ones i wrote

Feedback: KTAG worked Fine on this ECU, protocol 51. IMMO off worked also.

Attach picture of my KTAG PCB:

ktag-01 ktag-02

Besides, Read eprom 95040 from ecu and post dump on cartechnology.co.uk, MPPS v18 will read the EPROM by obd or open ecu and use programmer

mpps v18

Story like this:

My friend has a problem, he wants to buy this A8 from an old man, he was the first owner and the car looks like it leave yesterday the factory, low mileage and all original on this car, like in a dream. But now he dont know what to do, to buy or not, because the owner lost all keys and cant remember where he put them. The car is in his garage and car is unlocked, so car is open already. We asked in official Dealer workshop and went with the car papers there, they said no problem, 2 options: 1. new key via VIN number, but uncoded, so i think this will only be for open/close doors, maybe for ignition on only 2. option new finish key for start engine, but was very expensive price.


Good source of ktag clone:


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