Depictions Of JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Car Diagnostic and Matching Tool

Adopting the stable and fast operating system-Android, JBT V-GPII IMS C91 supports online upgrading, function expansion, voice search for vehicle models, execution record search, personal settings, and feedbacks (coming soon), offering an easier and accurate access to data flow record, real time diagnosis save, historical data search. With user-friendly design and intelligent functions, it outmatches the traditional auto diagnostic device. The following are more details about JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Car Diagnostic and Matching Tool.

JBT V-GPII IMS C91 9 Main Functions:

IMMO: Immobilizer programming
ODO: Odometer adjustment
TEC: Teeth learning
TPMSRESET: tire pressure indicator resetting
PBM: electronic brake matching
PM: throttle matching
SAS: steering angle calibration
CBSRESET: Oil service reset
OBDII : OBDII diagnosis

JBT V-GPII IMS C91 9 Main Functions

JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Special Function:

The user can connect the VCI box to the vehicle via a 16pin OBD cable, then run the diagnostic software via Bluetooth on the Android / IOS phone.

VCI box introduction:
VCI box mainly consists of a 15pin adapter, a power indicator, a communication indicator and a bluetooth indicator.
Bluetooth range: 10 meters (It will be affected by electromagnetic interference or blockage). The serial port profile is used in data transmission via bluetooth, it supports multi-bluetooth security levels.

JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Package inclduing:
1pc x JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Immobiliser + Odometer Adjustment +OBD diagnosis +special functions
1pc x OBD Cable
1pc x Product manual

JBT V-GPII IMS C91 Package inclduing

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