sd connect c4 doesn’t diagnose FUSO CANTER, which one works?

Use one sd connect c4 to connect FUSO CANTER, c4 doesn’t work.
sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-01 sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-02 sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-03 sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-04 sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-05 sdconnect-c4-fuso-canter-not-work-06

sd connect c4 is tested unable to diagnose FUSO CANTER.
ialtest Link Coder Reader can diagnose FUSO CANTER.

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Coverage for Mitsubishi: Canter 5.2 Diesel, Delica Cargo 2.0/2.5diesel, Delica Van 2, L200 2.5HPE, Triton 2.5/3.2 diesel 4WD.

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link_prod-08 jaltes-mitsubishi-fuso-diagnostic-09

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2012-2017 Mitsubishi FUSO Truck Genuine Licensed Factory Scan Tool
Price: $3,680

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