Can ksuite 2.47 and ksuite 2.25 run at the same time?

Confirmed 1~
Yes: Kess V2 clone with Ksuite V2.47 and another one with 2.25 can be installed on two different computers.

Confirmed 2 ~
No: You can’t use ksuite 2.47 and ksuite 2.25 at the same time on two computers.

Can I use clone kess in one computer with ksuite 2.25 and other one with 2.47 and no make conflict in firmware of interface?
I ask that because in one computer I have ktag (2.25) and I want to install laptop with the last close software for kess but I want to use on both.

on the same pc yes at the same time no
you can have both versions of ksuite installed on your pc and run 1 at a time

ksuite 2.47 installation on win7 for Kess V2 clone

Good luck.

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