BMW E60 530d ecu got water damage, which programmer & how?

Car model:
BMW E60 530d
its a dde 5 (m50d57a0) (bosch edc16c31)
cas 2

Got water damage on the ecu and it fried it, got a new ecu with the same numbers but need a tool to read isn from cas, write to ecu and change vin on ecu

How to solve?
@ Sweaty advice:
You can do a BDM read with KTAG, that that will give You the option to read MPC/External Flash/EEPROM. You can do the full read and make a backup, so You will not be worried after something goes bad. For ISN change You need the EEPROM read. Than find on this forum BMW ISN tool, that will help You read and modify the ISN number in dumps.

It would be better if You had the original EDC unit, so You could just read and copy EEPROM, that would be way easier. But as You don’t have it, than You will need to buy one more tool. Get R270+ or Xprog, because You will also need to read CAS EEPROM. As You can’t read the original ISN of Your car with tools You have unfortunately. These tools aren’t to expensive, and as You are a beginner I’d suggest R270+. The software includes a photo instructions on where to connect BDM cables in CAS unit, so it will be rather fast and easy job.
With R270 read only CAS EEPROM, You don’t need Flash. Open BMW ISN editor, load the EDC dump, load CAS dump and in ISN editor You will find the option to copy ISN from EDC to CAS, click on that, than click on DDE<->CAS synchronization in ISN editor, save the new dumps and write them back to EDC and to CAS. That should give You the programmed and synchronized immobilizer.
After that, connect the ISTA-P to the car, click the option, that You changed the engine control unit and calculate the programming plan. ISTA will suggest You the correct software number to program, and You can do that with ISTA or load the soft with WINKFP, depending what software You prefer. It might seem complicated, but it’s really easy job to do. And if You ever find Yourself in such situation again, do not throw the damaged ECU until You copied the memories. It really can help to make things easier and faster.
Hope You solve the problem

@ bhamraz advice:
There are tools which can help you but as you don’t want to spend money on them so

You have this option….you have to buy DME and CAS with keys or with keys

1. If you bought DME, CAS and keys just install in the car and it will start….reprogram the modules using Autel MS908 P or ISTA-P so it’ll change VIN number to match your vehicle
2. If you bought DME, CAS only then you have to make key for it and reprogram the modules using Autel MS908P or ISTA-P

or you have to at least buy FVDI/SVCI to read ISN from DME and it’ll give you the option to write that ISN in CAS2
ISN on this model is 4 digits so its easier

(Although I use Original AVDI and it work great for this stuff but again too much expensive if you will not be doing in regular basis)

@ Sweaty disagree and said:
You can’t change VIN in CAS with ISTA or WINKFP, You still need programmer unfortunately. AVDI is rather expensive (but great tool, have the original and it’s pretty handy). Also after fitting the used CAS there will be manipulation dot on instrument panel and the mileage between CAS and Instrument will be different. In some countries that’s actually a big problem right now.

Hope it helps!

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