5 solutions to erase 35080vp: with VVDI PRO, R270, Xtool, codiprog MK2 etc

To erase 35080vp, this article is available with 5 solutions.
1. R270 reworked to erase 35080vp: try at your own lucky, someone can’t make it work.
1). tried external 5v power
I have R270 clone with bip bip…bip and EEPROM read.
I change the relay (you have to active it on pcb with 5v)and the cable with 12v 2A.
All is good.

2). Change capacitor:

3) Change resistor:

And to better R270 on M35080, replace the resistor R11 by 200-1k resistor.

4) Tested with M35080vp with happy.







PS: some vp you just need to use new chip
Good to know:
I recently got an r270 and have done a 2006 & 2009 astra h and a late 2007 lci e60 bmw and it erased them in in around 30 seconds.

Was I lucky and got a good r270 or were they not v6/vp versions? Think they were labelled 08D0WQ.

2. Use X-tool, work good.

3. Use VVDI Pro, works fine.
35080 VP is erase full with vvdi programmer, good luck.
R270 vp series cip eraser need 5-10 hours, VVDI normal eraser.

4. Buy codiprog MK2. Is best solution. Also price is good

5. My solution for the erase problem on the 35080, I buy 5 new at one time so always have here ready

Credits to Laurance for collecting.

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