Yanhua YH35XX Programmer + Simulator BMW ODO Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use Yanhua YH35XX Programmer + Simulator to replace the original 35160WT/35128WT EEPROM for BMW odometer correction. Supports adjusting F chassis with 35128WT eeprom and G chassis VDO odometer. Easy operation without risk. No red dot on the odometer after modification.

Check the video to learn:

Required Accessories

YH35XX Programmer

Original car chip welding plate


35160/35128 Compatible Simulator


Step1. Read Original Mileage

  • Installation
  • Remove the original chip from the odometer and solder it to the 35XX original car chip welding plate.
  • Connect the YH35XX chip clip to the YH35XX programmer.
  • Confirm the position and pin definition of the original car chip welding plate. Tilt the original car chip welding plate at an angle of 45°and install it.
  • Insert the YH35XX programmer into the USB interface of a computer.



  • Backup Original ODO

Run YH35XX software: My Computer >> 35XX programmer USB driver >> BMW ODO Standard edition. Exe

Check if the mileage readout is the same as the original mileage: Select chip model: 35128 >> Read Data ID: 37710KM.

Click “Save Data File” to save the original car data file to the computer.



Step2. Write New Mileage

  • Installation
  • Take out the original car chip welding plate to replace the simulator.
  • Confirm the position and pin definition of the simulator. Tilt the simulator at an angle of 45°and install it into the corresponding YH35XX chip clip. The compatible analog chip operates similarly.



  • Mileage Adjustment

Click “Load Data File” to check if the mileage is the same as the original mileage: 37710KM.

Write Data ID >> OK

Data write success!

Click “Read Data ID” to check if the data written to the simulator is correct: 37710KM.




Mileage modification >> Enter mileage: 1000KM >> OK

Look at the red prompt below and confirm that you’ve entered the correct mileage: 1000 km.

Click “Write Data ID”.

Data is being written…

Data has been written, click “OK”.

Now check if the mileage is the same as the modified value: 1000 km.





Step3. Re-install Odometer to Car

  1. If the mileage is the same as what you want, cut the handle of the simulator and solder it back to the original car chip position.
  2. If a compatible version of the simulator is used, solder the end of the wires to the original chip location. Pay attention to the direction of the chip.
  3. Install the odometer back on the vehicle to verify if the mileage has been successfully modified.





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