Yanhua Module 30: VW/Audi 0BH Continental Gearbox Mileage Correction

Yanhua Module 30 & Module 30 Authorization has been newly released, which supports doing Volkswagen/ Audi DQ500(0BH Continental) gearbox mileage correction without soldering. Including Audi Q3(before 2016), and VW Multivan/ Tiguan vehicle models.

Users who already have Module 19 or Module 25 can directly purchase the authorization. Other users can just purchase Module 30 to work with the Mini ACDP basic module.

Module 30 Features
1. No soldering, no risk. It supports quickly identifying the vehicle transmission model by OBD without having to remove the computer.
2. It supports adjusting mileage by plugging the special interface board into the car, no need to remove the TCM.

Module 30 Accessories

Module 30 APP Operation Steps
Mini ACDP >> VW >> Gearbox mileage correction >> VW/ Audi >> DQ500(0BH CONTINENTAL)
Here allows us to identify, mileage correction(auto mode/single-step mode), time correction(auto mode/single-step mode), read EEPROM, and write EEPROM.




How to connect Module 30?
1. Prepare ACDP, DB15-LAN adapter, interface board, and gearbox.
2. Connect the interface board correctly to the gearbox interface.
3. Short the CAN resistor on the DB15-LAN adapter to the “CAN-R”.
4. Connect ACDP, DB15-LAN adapter, interface board, and gearbox.




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