Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 + Module 33 Add VW MQB48 5A Smart Key

This is a tutorial on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 + Module 33 to add a smart key for Volkswagen MQB48 5A. Read the article carefully to learn.

Check the video for full operation:

Step1. Obtain IMMO Data
1. Remove the instrument cluster from the car, and open the cluster shell to check the chip model.
2. Power on Mini ACDP-2.

Mini ACDP >> VW >> VW MQB IMMO >> MQB48(VDO/JCI-NEC35xx Lock) >> ICP read dashboard >> D70F3529 >> Help
Follow the diagram to connect the device & instrument properly.

MQB82 interface board >> OK >> OK >> Continue >> Continue
The data was read successfully!
Please save all backup data of the chip.
Execution complete!

Reinstall the instrument panel into the vehicle and confirm that the vehicle is functioning properly.

IMMO >> OBD identify Help
Connect Mini ACDP 2 to the OBDII port properly.

OBD identify >> OK
Connect ACDP to vehicle OBDII!
If you have a working key, please insert it to/near the ignition switch and light the meter!
If all key lost, open the headlight and step on the brake!
Turn on the switch, and click “Continue”.
Recognized vehicle info is correct.
OBD identifies info to finish.

Obtain IMMO data >> Load meter data calc IMMO >> OK
Prepare the ICP reading of the meter chip data, if the meter has an external EEPROM 95320/95128 chip, also need to prepare the external EEPROM data!
Please select the NEC chip data for the instrument.
Does the meter need to load external EEPROM 95320/95128 data?
No – EEPROM is not loaded.

The IMMO data will be calculated soon, please keep the network smooth during the data calculation!
Please save IMMO data.
Obtain IMMO data finish.






Step2. Make Dealer Key
Make dealer key >> Add key(Need work key) >> Duplicate the key Help
Connect ACDP to PCF-KEY adapter.
Duplicate the key >> OK
Place the work key correctly on the PCF-KEY adapter.
Continue >> Please select IMMO data
IMMO info is correct.
Please save sync data.

Connect the ACDP to the PCF-KEY adapter.
Place the blank key that has been changed to the original car’s lost key ID on the PCF-KEY adapter correctly!

Note: The new key should be a blank key that ID can be changed and the blank key has been changed to the ID of the lost key.

Place the blank key that has been changed to the original car’s lost key ID on the PCF-KEY adapter correctly.
The key info is correct.
Select your vehicle manufacturer: VW
Programming key data is about to begin, and forbidden to power off or unplug the device during operation!
Make dealer key finish.



Step3. Learn Key
OBD learn key >> OK >> Continue
The read system info is correct.
Please select IMMO data.
Enter the number of learning keys: 2
1. Have all the keys ready, the keys that are not learned will not be able to start the car.
2. Don’t turn off the ignition during learning, if the other keys are too close to the induction coil may cause learning failure.
3. Put the first key close to or insert the induction coil, and click “Continue”.

Put the keys close to or insert the induction coil, and click “Continue”.
Number of keys learned: 2

Please try on the car and verify if the added key functions are normal.



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