Yanhua ACDP VW/Audi 0BH Continental Gearbox Mileage Correction

This is a tutorial on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 30 to do VW/Audi 0BH Continental gearbox mileage correction. Users who already have Module 19 or Module 25 can buy the Module 30 Authorization directly.

Check the video to learn:

Required Accessories
ACDP Programmer
0DE interface board
DB15-LAN adapter
TCU cable

1. Connect the 0DE interface board to the DB15-LAN adapter.
2. Short-circuit the CAN resistor on the DB15-LAN adapter to the “CAN-R” end.
3. Unplug the original gearbox plug. Install the 0DE interface board to the vehicle TCU plug. Connect to the ACDP host and power up.


* Make sure the ACDP device is connected to WiFi.

Mini ACDP >> VW >> Gearbox mileage correction >> Audi >> DQ500(0BH CONTINENTAL) >> Identify
Please use the ACDP standard power adapter(voltage+ 12V, current > = 2.5A).
Please connect the ACDP with gearbox.
Check the mileage and time of the original TCU.
Identify finish.



Mileage correction(auto mode) >> OK >> Continue >> After reading the system info, OK >> Save EEPROM data
Click the dialog box and enter the mileage you want: 14000km
Click “OK”.

It is prohibited to power off or unplug devices during the chip data-writing process.
Click “Continue”.
The mileage correction is completed.

Time correction(auto mode) >> OK >> Continue >> Read system info >> Save EEPROM
Click the dialog box and enter the time you want: 350h
Click “OK”.
Ready to write chip data, please don’t cut the power nor pull out the device during the programming! Click “Continue”.
The time correction is completed.

Go back to identify again.
As we can see, both the mileage and time have been modified.
VW/Audi 0BH Continental TCU odometer correction has been done!





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