Xhorse VVDI2 User’s Newly Feedback/Reniew

Here is the latest Customers feedback about the Xhorse VVDI2


What x-horse products have you had a problem with mate?
In my experience x-horse are one of the better Chinese developers, vvdi, bmw multitool and condor are all good value for money and work well.

Looks nice. Must make a lot of keys to earn money..

3)it worth the money.
locksmith will like it .
even we are not friends with vvdi , but i must agree it is a good tool.

Why you are not a VVDI2 friend ? Dont forget they 1st made NEC 24x service mode. And they are making software after reseche, not like FLY

5)Downloaded and run the software. Looks nice. Good manual included too. Now I am just missing the hardware

Vvdi 2 is made to earn more money again, i think it would be no problem to program the new sw to the old interface, but again it is all

It is not a clone! From where you get this info? It is decent tool with support, price and function in much better relations as well known bulgarian all in one tool.

It does really work well. And covers the same types off immo as Avdi.
There are free updates, and no AMS, and free support.
I own a avdi and a vvdi2, and the vvdi2 has not let me down!

Every xhorse as good as you know how to use it!

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