Xhorse MQB-RH850/V850 Adapter + Key Tool Plus Read 3426 Dash

Xhorse MQB-RH850/V850 Adapter has been released for reading VW 4th Gen Johnson Controls 34xx series, MQB-RH850(R7F) series and MQB 34xx series dashboards without cutting wire or lifting pins. The adapter only supports working with VVDI Key Tool Plus currently.

In this case, we’ll read the MQB 3426 dashboard as an example, which can be used for IMMO programming and mileage repair. The procedure needs to read 2 data: original chip data and EEPROM data.

Check the full video:

Tools Required
MQB 3426 dashboard
Xhorse Key Tool Plus
MQB-RH850/V850 Adapter
EEPROM adapter
DB15 cable

Step1. Read the Original Chip Data
Immo programming >> VW >> Select by type >> MQB instrument immo system >> Instrument-MQB48[VDO/JCI-NEC35xx lock] >> Start programming >> Read disclaimer, OK
*Make sure the Network connection is normal.

Programmer reads files >> Read NEC35xx/RH850 chip >> Wire bond >> D70F3426
Follow the connection diagram:
1. Remove 4 components, and add tin to solder joints.
2. Solder the MQB-RH850/V850 Cable.
3. Connect an external 5.1Ω resistor and solder the remaining parts.
Connect the adapter & Key Tool Plus, and we can start reading the original data.
Read >> Continue
Save the data file.




Step2. Read EEPROM Data
1. Remove the cable and restore the capacitors.
2. Remove the octagonal chip from the dashboard and put it in the EEPROM adapter.
Connect the adapter & Key Tool Plus, and we can start reading EEPROM data.
Programmer reads files >> Read 95128 EEPROM >> Read >> Continue
Save the EEPROM data file.


Step3. Obtain Immo Data
Obtaining immo data >> OK >> Load the original chip file & EEPROM file
Calculating… it will take about 5-10 minutes.
Reading immo data successfully.
Save data file, this can be used to generate dealer keys and key learning.

Lastly, restore the octagonal chip to the dashboard.
*Please clean the solder joints in time to ensure their cleanness. Otherwise, the normal use of the dashboard will be affected.




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