Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Porsche Key No Soldering

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus is supported to add the Porsche 1N35H key without soldering. Just working with XDNPP17CH Solder-Free Adapters, it’s easy to be done. Following is the operation procedure.

Note: the Porsche BCM need to be removed from the vehicle.

Generate Key on bench
Connect Porsche BCM, Solder-Free Adapter&VVDI Key Tool Plus together.
Prog >> IMMO >> Porsche >> Porsche >> BCM-1N35H-BACKUP >> Adapter >> Read >> D-FLASH >> Begin >> Continue

Read successfully.
Rename and save data fie.



Put the key to be learned into VVDI Key Tool Plus coil.

Immo programming >> Porsche >> New Porsche key-generate dealer key >> Start programming >> Generate key >> EEPROM(1N35H) >> Load EEPROM data >> Select blank key position: Key 3

Press “OK” to save new EEPROM data.

Generate key successfully.

Just refresh the newly saved file to the car.
You can also learn the new key to the car via OBD!
To add key, please use the newly saved file to generate.





Learn Key via OBD
Reassembly the BCM back to Porsche.
Insert the working key into ignition, press
New Porsche key – key learning >> Start programming >> Learn key >> Select new EEPROM data >> Input numbers of key to be learned

Observe the dashboard:
When numbers turned from 02-00 to 02-01, which means 1 key was learned.
Pull out the key and insert the next key.

Just wait for processing…
All keys successfully learned.

Test the keys, both can work well.


Using Solder-Free Adapter + Key Tool Plus has saved me much time when programming Porsche keys.


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