VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 or VVDI Key Tool V2.3.9?

Dear VVDI Key Tool users,

If you tried to update VVDI Key Tool to V2.3.9 but failed. Then you may you must use the old VVDI Key Tool update software which one can’t work anymore.

V2.2.2 VVDI Key Tool is true version, please download the newest working Xhorse Upgrade kit software to update to V2.2.2. Here you go for clean mega link from Xhorse engineer.



VVDI Key Tool Version and Language

For the European users, you are advised to choose VVDI EU Version which is shipped to you from UK or Russian easily and fast.

For the US users, you are advised to choose VVDI Key Tool US version which is shipped by USPS from our US warehouse in CA easily.

The VVDI Key Tool language may differ from one version to another version.
This is VVDI Key tool EU version language: English, Spanish, French, Turkish


This is VVDI Key tool English version language:



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