VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Oil Reset Mitsubishi Car List

VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Diagnostic Tool supports to reset oil in ECU for Mitsubishi AXS 2011 REG. Can solve the “CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL” warning light on dashboard.


If you’re not sure your Mitsubishi model, check car list below for reference.


VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Coverage

Function: Oil Reset – Mitsubishi 

Car Model Area Chassis/Sub Model Year
Mitsubishi Australia ASX 2011-2019
Mitsubishi Australia COLT CABRIOLET 2007-2008
Mitsubishi Australia I-MIEV 2010-2015
Mitsubishi Australia LANCER 2008-2017
Mitsubishi Australia LANCER EVOLUTION 2009-2015
Mitsubishi Australia LANCER SPORTBACK 2009-2017
Mitsubishi Australia MIRAGE 2014
Mitsubishi Australia OUTLANDER(CW#) 2007-2012
Mitsubishi Australia OUTLANDER(GF#) 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Australia PAJERO(V8#,V9#) 2007-2019
Mitsubishi Europe ASX 2011-2019
Mitsubishi Europe ATTRAGE 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Europe COLT CZC 2007-2008
Mitsubishi Europe COLT, COLT CZ3 / CZT 2006-2011
Mitsubishi Europe I 2007-2008
Mitsubishi Europe I-MIEV 2010-2019
Mitsubishi Europe LANCER (CY#) 2008-2017
Mitsubishi Europe LANCER EVOLUTION 2008-2014
Mitsubishi Europe LANCER SPORTBACK 2009-2017
Mitsubishi Europe OUTLANDER (CW#) 2007-2013
Mitsubishi Europe OUTLANDER (GF#) 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Europe OUTLANDER-PHEV 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Europe PAJERO / MONTERO (V8#,V9#) 2007-2019
Mitsubishi Europe SPACE STAR 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Europe ATTRAGE 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Japan DELICA D:5 2007-2019
Mitsubishi Japan EK-SPACE 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Japan EK-WAGON (B11W) 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Japan GALANT FORTIS 2008-2015
Mitsubishi Japan GALANT FORTIS SPORTBACK 2009-2015
Mitsubishi Japan I 2006-2013
Mitsubishi Japan I-MIEV 2010-2018
Mitsubishi Japan LANCER EVOLUTION 2008-2015
Mitsubishi Japan MINICAB-MIEV 2012-2017
Mitsubishi Japan MIRAGE 2013-2018
Mitsubishi Japan OUTLANDER (CW#) 2006-2012
Mitsubishi Japan OUTLANDER (GF#) 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Japan OUTLANDER-PHEV 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Japan PAJERO (V8#,V9#) 2007-2019
Mitsubishi Japan RVR 2011-2019
Mitsubishi North of America I-MIEV 2010-2017
Mitsubishi North of America LANCER (CY#) 2008-2017
Mitsubishi North of America LANCER EVOLUTION 2008-2015
Mitsubishi North of America LANCER SPORTBACK (CX#) 2009-2017
Mitsubishi North of America MIRAGE 2014-2019
Mitsubishi North of America OUTLANDER (CW#) 2007-2013
Mitsubishi North of America OUTLANDER (GF#) 2014-2019
Mitsubishi North of America OUTLANDER SPORT / RVR 2011-2019
Mitsubishi Other ASX / OUTLANDER SPORT / RVR 2011-2019
Mitsubishi Other ATTRAGE / MIRAGE G4 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Other COLT CABRIOLET 2007-2008
Mitsubishi Other DELICA D:5 2007-2018
Mitsubishi Other I 2007-2010
Mitsubishi Other I-MIEV 2010-2019
Mitsubishi Other LANCER / LANCER EX (CY#) 2008-2017
Mitsubishi Other LANCER EVOLUTION 2009-2015
Mitsubishi Other LANCER SPORTBACK 2009-2017
Mitsubishi Other MINICAB-MIEV 2012
Mitsubishi Other MIRAGE / SPACE STAR 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Other OUTLANDER (GF#) 2013-2019
Mitsubishi Other OUTLANDER / OUTLANDER EX (CW#) 2006-2014
Mitsubishi Other OUTLANDER-PHEV 2014-2019
Mitsubishi Other PAJERO / MONTERO (V8#,V9#) 2007-2019
Mitsubishi Other ATTRAGE 2014-2019


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