Ten factors that affect Cars/Trucs tire life,How to be careful to avoid

Here are the Ten factors that affect tire life, and we’ed like to share with you how to be careful to avoid


  1. Matching and installation of tires

Tire installed properly or not directly related to the life of the tire, especially when replacement tires. Type and pattern of different tires, due to the different size and the actual load capacity of the tires must not be mixed arbitrarily. Also, if you yourself can not fully grasp the skills of replacement tires, we recommend that you go to a professional tire shop or vehicle authorized service provider for a replacement.

2) Working air pressure

Tire pressure is too low or too high, will affect the life of the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, the radial deformation increases, excessive deformation of the tire wall on both sides, resulting in the tread shoulders wear and tear, so that the temperature of the tire increases will seriously reduce tire life.

If the tire pressure is too high, the rigidity of the tire increases, deformation and ground area decreases, the unit tread pressure central increases, increased wear, resulting in central tread wear phenomenon, affecting comfort and reduce tire life. Tests show that if 25 %% increase the air pressure, tire life will be shortened by about 30 %%.

3) Tire load

The load of the vehicle is larger, the shorter the life of the tire, and this point is beyond doubt. Especially in the case of overload, the more prominent. Regular tire manufacturers to produce tires are marked with a load index. The tire should be used within the specified load index corresponding to the maximum load.

4) Driving speed

Regular tire manufacturers to produce tires are marked with a speed level index. The tire should be used within the specified speed level index corresponding to the maximum speed.

5) Tire temperature

Vehicles in the process, the tire due to stretching, compression and friction, causing tire temperature rise. High temperatures easily exacerbate tire wear or a puncture.

6) Chassis Status

Front, parallel rear axle, wheel alignment, brakes working conditions and other chassis parts technical conditions will have an effect on the life of the vehicle tire. Once serious traffic collisions, vehicle owners be sure to open the chassis to the professional repair station status checks and adjustments.

7) Road conditions

If the vehicle is a long gravel road or in harsh road conditions, tire life will certainly be reduced. This is no exception for off-road tires.

8) Driving habits

This factor is directly related with the owners. Start too fast, sudden steering, emergency braking, high speed in poor road conditions in the area, often rubs up and down when the tire barrier curb and parking, etc., will cause severe tire wear, thus reducing tire life.

9) Tire Maintenance

Tire timely transposition, the appropriate choice of the tread, routine ground maintenance, check the tire pressure regularly, promptly repair and tread ground digging in gravel, and other foreign matter are an important factor to extend tire life

10) Vehicle Maintenance

Many experts say the vehicle maintenance vehicle for a “third repair, seven support” Do not wait until it fails to open repair station maintenance. And regular maintenance and extend tire life of the vehicle are also closely related. Wheel alignment, steering periodic inspection section, wheel bearings and suspension system maintains one less.

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