Launch X-431 TSGUN TPMS Tool Troubleshooting FAQs

Here we’ve collected Launch X-431 TSGUN TPMS Tire Pressure Detector the most frequently asked questions and answers.


Q: Why does my X-431 TSGUN always stay on the welcome screen?
A: if the device keeps displaying the welcome screen, it indicates that it is not in TPMS function mode. If the diagnostic tool is performing the TPMS function, the device will switch to the corresponding function mode.

Q: Why is my X-431 TSGUN always displayed in English even the system language of my diagnostic tool is set as non-English?
A: The system language of the device varies with the system language of the diagnostic tool that binds it. Currently only English and simplified Chinese are available on the device.
If the device detects the system language of the diagnostic tool is non-Chinese, it will change into English automatically no matter which language the diagnostic tool is set as.

Q: My X-431 TSGUN does not respond to the diagnostic tool.
A: In this case, please carefully check the following:
1. Whether the device is successfully bound to the diagnostic tool.
2. Whether the desired device is ticked in the Bound list.
3. Whether the device is powered on.
4. Whether the device is damaged of defective.

Q: Why does my X-431 TSGUN automatically power off?
A: Please check the following:
1. Whether the device is fully discharged.
2. If the device is not being charged and there is no operation on the device for 30 minutes, it will automatically power off to conserve battery power.

Q: My X-431 TSGUN can not trigger one or more of the sensors.
A: Please check the following:
1. Whether the device is damaged or defective.
2. Whether the sensor, module, or ECU itself may be damaged of defective.
3. The vehicle does not have a sensor even though a metal valve stem is present. Be aware of Schrader rubber-style snap-in stems used on TPMS systems.
4. Your device may require a firmware upgrade.

Q: What to do if my X-431 TSGUN encountered some unexpected bugs?
A: In this case, a firmware upgrade is required. On the TPMS version selection screen, tap “Firmware Update” to upgrade it.

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