How to Write Tire Position with Launch X-431 TSGUN?

In case you haven’t recorded the tire position while TPMS wasn’t working after making tire rotation, Launch X-431 TSGUN can help to write tire position. The procedure incudes read tire sensor ID & get correct tire position. Below is working with Launch x431 diagnostic scanner on a Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 as example.


Read Tire Sensor ID
Go to do health report firstly, then
Tire pressure monitor >> Read data stream

If only selecting “ID Tire Position”, they’ll be mixed up and unable to confirm the position. But if selecting “Sensor ID Status” meanwhile, we can get the sensor ID from data stream.




Get Correct Tire Position
TPMS >> OK >> Asia >> Toyota >> Land Cruiser >> 2015/01-2020/12(315MHz)
Go to active 4 sensors on each tire with X-431 TSGUN TPMS Tool, the scanner will display correct position on screen.

Go back to Tire Pressure Monitor,
Special function >> Tire position write

Tire position will be automatically identified after driving for a while. However, when problem arises during driving, use this function to write in tire position.

This function writes in tire position.
Please confirm:
1. Turn engine/ power supply switches to ON(Engine OFF/Ready-OFF).
2. Starter identification code has been registered.
3. Initialization switch is not applied when performing this function.

To change the tire position, select the item and perform it. Click “Write” after calibrating tire position.

Tire position writing finished.
Test drive system back to normal.





X-431 TSGUN supports to do TPMS functions with X-431 PAD VII, X431 V+…etc. More info please check:
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