How to Bind & Use Launch X-431 TSGUN with Diagnostic Tool?

Launch TSGUN tire pressure detector supports to work with Launch X431 V, X431 V+, X431 PAD V and X431 PAD VII to do TPMS sensor activation, reading, diagnosis, learning and programming.


This is a tutorial on how to bind and use X-431 TSGUN.


How to Bind X-431 TSGUN with Diagnostic Tool?

Turn on X431 diagnostic tool, press

TPMS >> Slide screen, Next >> Bind >> Input SN, password, Bind

(SN & password are in the “TSGUN TPMS WAND” paper, please rip the seal open.)


The X431 tablet will display SN automatically, press “Return”.

It’ll download TSGUN firmware automatically.


If the VCI was once used with other devices, please enter the Bluetooth configuration option of the other device’s system setup program and then cancel the Bluetooth pairing of this VCI. Otherwise, the VCI may not be found.

It is scanning…


Just turn on X-431 TSGUN for pairing, it will connect to X431 scan tool automatically.


Wait for firmware updating until 100%…

It may take several minutes, please keep the VCI powered up.


OK >> OK

Bluetooth is connected successfully,

Now you can select area to start programming.

bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-01 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-02 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-03 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-04



How to use X431 TSGUN to detect TPMS sensors?

Select car make >> Select specific model >> Select year & pressure sensor freuency


Aim X-431 TSGUN at the tire pressure sensors as the order on Launch x431 scanner, press “OK”.

It will start activation.


After correct operation steps.

Launch x431 scanner will display the serial number, frequency, battery level of tire pressure sensor, tire pressure value, and tire temperatures.

bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-05 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-06 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-07 bind-use-launch-x-431-tsgun-with-diagnostic-tool-08


How to Bind TSGUN with Launch X431 Full Video:

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