(Customer Share) How KESS V2 V2.15 FW4.036 read BMW F25 SIEMENS MSV80

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Obd2shop.co.uk Customer share the instruction on reading BMW X-series F25 SIEMENS MSV80 ECU with KESS V2 new updated version Ksuite V2.15 with firmware 4.036 ECU tuning kit master version.

Device need:

KESS V2 V2.15 FM V4.036

Well install KESS V2 Ksuite V2.15 software
Open K-suite 2.15 software



Select vehicle brand: BMW
Select X-series F25
Select ECU Type X3 xDrive 28i 3000 24V Petrol 2010 with ECU Type SIEMENS MSV80


Select vehicle protocol: CAN


Select ID


Connect your vehicle to a stabilized battery charger in order to use this Serial Protocol
Switch on the dash-board, press connection
Switch off the dash-board to continue
Check vehicle information, HW, SW, Chassis


Save vehicle information


Switch off the dash-board
Select “READING”


Switch on the dash-board
Switch off the dash-board
Then turn ignition switch to OFF
Click “Yes” to proceed to read
Reading ECU in process


Save ECU data


Turn ignition off
Reading ECU completed

That’s all for the steps, hope it would help you.

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