ADS 2017 DPF EGR Lambda REMOVER software feedback: Perfectly

I wanted to create a car list that the ADS 2017 DPF EGR Lambda REMOVER software V3.0 does well and those that do not do well.

BMW 120d 2009 edc17cp02 egr off (OK)
Peugeot P406 edc15c2 egr off (OK)
Peugeot P407 edc16c34 egr off (OK)
Golf 6 PCR 2.1 egr off (OK)
Passat B6 EDC17CP20 dpf off (OK)
Citroen c4 1.6 hdi edc16c34 egr off (wrong solution)must use Peugeot (Solution 2)
Ford Galaxy 2.0 tdci SID206 egr off (OK)
Clio 1.5dci egr off (OK)
audi A3 with pcr 2.1 for dpf (ok)
suzuki 1.9 dpf (ok)
peugeot edc17c10 dpf (ok)
Audi a4 2.0 tdi edc16u31 egr off (ok)
peugeot 308 edc16c34 dpf (ok)
volvo s60 edc16c34 version switch (ok)
Denso Mitsubishi DPF – Processor 7058 and 7059 (OK)
Alfa 159 edc16c39 egr (OK)

MB E320 w211 EDC16C2 DPF Type 1 don’t work Type 2 DPF OFF ok.
Opel vivaro 1.9dci EDC15C2 Egr off ok with disconnected egr plug.
EDC15C2 with Citroen Dpf remove solution – ecusafeV2 with citroen solution is OK.
vw ppd1 dpf ok,ÂÂ
benz edc 16cp31 dpf ok,ÂÂ
vw edc 16u1 egr ok, pcr2.1 dpf ok.ÂÂ
pcr 2.1 egr ok.ÂÂ
fiat/opel edc16c3 andÂÂ
edc16c39 dpf ok
635d with edc16cp35 and works Very good with dtc off.
mazda 3 EDC16C34 – with ecu 0281011995 (OK)
mazda 3 2007 1.6d edc16c34 dpf solution -(OK)
Audi A4 EDC17CP14 DPF Off
Audi Q7 EDC16CP34 DPF Off
VW Touareg EDC16CP34 V6 DPF Off
Renault Scenic EDC16C3 V1 DPF Off (How to know the version you need ? )
BMW 320D EDC16C35 DPF Off
mazda5 2006 2,0 81kW DENSO dpf (OK)
renault edc16C03/9 DPF OK
WV Transporter 2006 2,5 96kW EDC16U34 DPF Generic Switch (OK)
marelli mjd8f2 – OK
Opel Vectra 1,9DTi 16c39 dpf off= (OK)
Ford S-Max 2007 SID 206 EGR off= OK
Fiat 500 mjd8f2 DPF OK delete sensorÂÂ
Fiat 500 mjd8f2 EGR OKÂÂ
Fiat Bravo 2008 EDC16C39 EGR OK
307 SID 803 DPF ok with solution 803A
EGR Vectra edc16 – one switch OK
audi A4 2,0 edc 16u31 dpf off=OK
caddy 1.9 edc 16u34 egr/dpf off=ok
caddy 1.6 simos pcr 2.1 egr/dpf off=ok
Hyundai Santa Fe 2008 edc16c39ÂÂ
EGR OFF P0489 EGR Disconnect —- delete okÂÂ
DPF OFF error P2002 P0473 — delete OK
pcr2.1 egr done ok
zafiza edc16c9 dpf ok
Ford Galaxy 2008 SID206 DPF/EGR= OK

Ford c max 2004 1.6tdci edc16 34. Egr of not working.(ok) -ÂÂ
Before upload the modified file, you must:
– Start the engine
– Wait about 3 minutes.
– Connect the diagnostic tool.
– Keep RPM 1700-2400 and erase faults several times until you see the parameters of the EGR opening 0%.
– Turn off the ignition.
– Start upload the modified file START
– Turn the ignition on

After successful uploading the file “EGRoff” EGR is on the closed position.
Errors will not come back.

Citroen Jumpy 2.0hdi delphi dcm3.5 dpf off …ok
VW Pasat 2.0tdi 170hp.siemens pdd1.2 dpf-OK – just remove dpf sensor and drive car for few Km
ford connect 2013 sid206 egr dpf off ok
laguna 2 1.9 dci edc16c3-9.21 type 1 for dpf and egr off.
ford KUGA delphi DCM3.5 dpf off. GOOD TESTED
Peugeot 407 EDC16c34 FAP off……OK
Flap off mercedes c220 e mercedes classe B=ok
Volkswagen Passat cc edc17c46…egr off OK
Mazda 6, engine code RF, model year 2005 DPF OFF ok, no more regenerations
Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDI 4WD 2006 – OK
Egr golf 5 edc16u1 1.9l 105cv bkc ok.
I use egr off edc16u1 type golf5 and it’s ok.
Audi A5 2.7tdi edc17cp14 dpf OK.

FORD_KUGA_2.0_163KS_2011_ECU: AV41-14C204-DM = DCM3.5 (R/W by KESS via OBD2) removed DPF, everything is OK !!! (cuby)

FORD_C-MAX_2.0_2003_8M51-12A650-HC_SID803 (R/W by FGv54 via OBD2 selected CAN) DPF removed, everything is OK (cuby)

Astra-H_1.9CDTI_2005_Z19DTH_EDC16C9 (R/W by mppsv18 via OBD2 selected CAN) DPF+EGR removed like generic EDC16C9 (EGR connector must be connected, if disconnect comes P0400), everything OK, (cuby)

A4_2.0_TDI_140HP_2005_EDC16U31_03G906016GN_383292_EGR remover 2017 edited like Type 1 _R/W by FGv54 via OBD2_EGR unplugged, no DTC, everything’s fine (cuby)

Mazda_2.0_2006_RF_T_RF7KU_Denso_140HP_Kess R/W via OBD2_DPF_OFF_OK !!! not dosconnected plugs. Before of programming, I have made reset DPF (cuby)

Nissan 2.5DCI_2008y_EDC16CP36_(same like Renault Master)_FG_RW via OBD2 CAN nothing disconnected_EGR-DPF_OK_(cuby)

A6_3.0_V6_224HP_2005y_EDC16CP34_FGV54_RW_OBD_SWIRL_OFF_PERFECT !!! Eliminated: P3135, P1018, P3198, P1545_OK (cuby)

toyota rav4 denso dpf ok
audi a6 3.0tdi egroff ok
opel psg16 egroff ok
land rover sid204 egr – not ok

Ford Connect 2013 1.8 tdci – sid206 – egr off dpf off – ok (Connect Type) – plugs connected
Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0 tdci – sid206 – egr off dpf off – ok (Generic) – plugs connected
Mazda 6 2009 2.0d – Denso – dpf off – ok (Denso Partial DTC) – plug disconnected (need reset oil after mod file flash)
Audi A6 2008 2.7 3.0 tdi automatic gearbox – edc16cp – dpf off – OK (software mismatch fault in ecu) need disconnect pressure and temp sensors on dpf than errors disappears…

Fiat Linea 1.3 mjd6f3 – Egr Off – OK.
Fiat Doblo 1.3 mjd6f3 – Egr Off – OK.
Ford Fiesta 1.4tdci Sid206 – Egr Off – OK.
Jeep Grand Chrokee 3.0 – Egr Off – OK.
Mitsubishi L200 Denso – Egr Off – OK.
Opel Astra 1.3mjd Marel100 – Egr Off – OK.
Opel Corsa 1.3mjd Z13dt – Egr Off – OK.
Opel Corsa 1.7Dti Y17Dt – Egr Off – Ok.

All Obd Read/Write – Ok.-

Fiat Linea 1.3 Mjet 95Hp MJ8DF — DPF OFF – OK –

Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0 tdci – sid206 generic – egr off dpf off – ok

Mercedes a169 180 cdi 109 cv egr off ok ads 2017.05

Ford EDC16C34 DPF off ok

Ford Transit 2013 Sid208 Dpf Off – Ok

Vw Caddy 2011 1.6Tdi Pcr 2.1, Egr_Off, Dpf_Off – OK
VOLVO_V50_2006_D4204T_5WS40212G-T=SID803_R/W FGv54 on bench_in MPC file_DPF_OFF_OK(cuby)

2 x Ford EDC16C34 dpf off all ok. I must have done similar 15 cars by now , zero issues.
some solutions of the ads really work ok

Ford focus 1.6tdci edc16c34 dpf and adtive- OK plugs connected

Fiat doblo 1.3 90hp 2012 DPF OFF – MJD8F3 OK no problem

VW Touran 1.9tdi edc16u1 egr off – was ok
2 weeks later light comes on – egr flow
Cleared code, hasn’t come back but only been a few days

Peugeot EDC15C2 DPF OFF work ok

Mazda 3 1.6 2005 model with edc16c3 ecu
DPF off seems to be ok…. (Close switch correctly)
EGR not ok…. Still be active according diagnostic tool….

Quoted from, credits to all the users like @ Crysis05, @ domelec etc.

ADS 2017 DPF EGR Lambda REMOVER software V3.0 for sale

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