Yanhua Mini ACDP Transfer License Operation Guidance

Yanhua has announced the first generation of the Mini ACDP device was disabled. What to do after purchasing the Transfer License service? Here we offer 2 methods to help transfer the license to Mini ACDP 2.

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Method 1. Transfer by Yanhua
Provide the back photo of both devices to the online service, Yanhua factory will help to transfer all licenses. Customers can use ACDP-2 directly without any operation.

Method2. Transfer by Yourself
Check the video to learn:

1. Send the SN of both devices to the dealer or manufacturer to obtain an authorization transfer code.
2. Open Mini ACDP app >> Me >> About, make sure the Android version is 3.0.107 or newer/ IOD version is 3.1.0 or newer.



3. Power on the Mini ACDP 1 and make sure the ACDP is bound.
4. Me >> License Transfer >> Transfer >> Enter the authorized transfer code obtained and SN of the new Mini ACDP 2 >> Submit

The authorization share is successful, please connect device ACDP2-E901C to confirm!




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