How to transfer License from Yanhua Mini ACDP1 to ACDP2?

As we know, the new Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 has been coming out to replace ACDP1, which will require users to transfer all licenses for continuous service. ACDP-2 License Transfer Plan can help to solve the problem. Therefore, it offers 2 options for choice:

1. Plan A-License Transfers
Plan A allows to transfer all of licenses from ACDP-1 to ACDP-2, which means to delete ACDP-1(ACDP-1 CANNOT be used anymore).

2. Plan B-Shared License
Plan B can share all ACDP-1 licenses with ACDP-2, which means both devices can be used at the same time after sharing the license.

Notice: In case you buy a new module after sharing the plan, this new module license only can be used on ONE module.

The cost will be 35% of the total amount of the shared module’s official price.

Please send your ACDP-1 SN(backside of the device) to the manufacturer or distributor to check the exact price.

*Both plans need to buy the ACDP-2 Basic Module first.


At present, most Yanhua modules are common, no need to re-purchase any new modules. Just take note of below:
1. It needs to cut the protruding part when using module 18/19/25/30 for Mini ACDP 2;
2. Module 3/8/12 can be used directly for Mini ACDP 2.


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