Xtool D9 Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool FAQs

This article integrates several frequently asked questions and answers about Xtool D9 Pro Diagnostic Tool, hoping to help you.

Q1: Failed to generate a diagnostic report
1. Currently only the following diagnostic functions trigger a diagnostic report: read ECU information, read code and clear code, live data, and freeze frame. Other functions such as immobilization and maintenance services will not generate a diagnostic report.
2. After entering the Diagnostic menu, you need to perform one specific function before the system can generate a Diagnostic report.
3. After the Diagnostic test is completed, you need to go back to the previous menu step by step to generate the Diagnostic report successfully. If the APP is killed directly, the report cannot be triggered.
4. If the report still cannot be generated after troubleshooting according to the above prompts, please try to exit the APP, enter the system settings, and then choose to clear the APP cache, following the below path: Android System Setting >> Apps >> Diagnosis >> Clear Cache

Q2: How to print a diagnostic report?
The XTOOL D9 Pro is compatible with third-party print drivers. You can download the printer driver you need in the browser that comes with the tablet to install it, and then set your printer in the OS settings. After the configuration is completed, you can print Reports.

Q3: Failed to extract files
Since the D9 Pro tablet is equipped with an Android system, you have to confirm the system type of receiver.
For Android: supports transferring files via Bluetooth, USB cable, etc.;
For IOS: only supports transferring files through a wired connection (Bluetooth connection is not available).

Q4: How to generate and upload diagnostic log files?
The tablet will automatically generate and store diagnostic logs. When the device is connected to the Internet, it will automatically upload all the stored diagnostic logs to the backend system.

Q5: How to switch languages?
1. Contact your dealer and leave a message about the language you need and the S/N of your D9 Pro. The technician will modify the language configuration for you in the backend system.
2. Settings->Language->Choose language
3. Back to Updates to update all the software again

Q6: Failed to diagnose vehicle
1. Contact your dealer to confirm whether the vehicle model is supported by the scan tool.
2. Check whether the vehicle is properly connected (e.g. whether the ignition is ON, and the Diagnostic of some vehicles need to turn on the engine), If your tablet is equipped with a VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) box, please check the status of the VCI box indicator.
3. Confirm whether you have entered the correct Diagnostic menu.
4. Confirm whether the AUTO-SCAN function can assist you to enter the correct Diagnostic menu.
5. Check whether the software is the latest version. If not, please update to the latest version and retest.

Q7: Failed to active or register
⚫ For ‘Activation Failed’
This error is generally caused by network instability. Please switch to a more stable network and try to activate it again.
For specific activation steps, refer to the article link below:

⚫ For ‘Registration Failed’
Generally, this error is caused by a connection timeout. Please check whether you have blocked the outgoing network traffic to non-US regions like China. We recommend that you unblock and try to register again.

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