Xtool D7 Test 2017 Honda Accord Electronic Throttle Body

The throttle body is one of those parts that can give you a lot of driveability issues when it’s dirty or if it’s going bad. So I’m going to do an active test on the 2017 Honda Accord that you can use on the electronic throttle body with Xtool D7. I’ve previously done it with Autel MK808Z before.

Connect D7 to car OBD.
Diagnosis >> HONDA >> 16PIN Connector >> USA >> System Selection >> Engine(ENG) >> Actuation Test >> Electronic Throttle Control Unit Test >> Electronic Throttle Control Unit Test




The throttle valve and relay are automatically activated.
Click “Yes” to continue.
Testing now…
Throttle Actuator Control Relay
Command State: normal -> off -> normal
Command Status Of Relays: open -> close -> open
Turn off the ignition switch.
Turn on the ignition switch.

The test is completed.
Throttle Actuator Control Relay
Normal system.
The next test is the activation of the throttle valve.



The next part is going to test the degree of correlation, between the opening angle commanded by the ECU and the actual response of the actuator in the throttle body.
Click “OK” to start testing.
The test is completed.
Normal system.

Compared to my Autel, it was way faster on the Xtool. Actually, D7 has upgraded to the new version Xtool D8/ D9 as well.

The ECU commanded that the butterfly plate open by 2.5 degrees, and the actuator responded by opening by 2.4 degrees. In this other frame, 20 degrees was commanded, and the actual was spot on. If there were wide variations between the commanded and the actual, the test would fail.

The first thing you want to do is to clean the throttle body. Maybe there’s some carbon restricting the movement of the butterfly plate. If that fails, it might be the motor itself that is actually worn and would need to be replaced.





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