OBDSTAR P50 Audi A6/A8/Q5 BMS Battery Reset Upgrade V30.06

A major free upgrade on OBDSTAR P50 is coming soon – Battery Reset Upgrade V30.06. Added Audi BMS 8R0915233, and 8R0915591 crash record erase and repair by bench. No disassembly, no risk to save your time and cost!

In Audi A6, A8, and Q5 hybrids, the hybrid battery management unit(BMS) disconnects and logs a P1609 fault code when a crash occurs: (!!! Crash shut-down activated!!!), resulting in the vehicle not starting.

At present, only a few auto electronic repair professionals through the brush firmware or open the cover through the programmer to repair. This way is high fees, risky, and only supports some models. Thus, OBDSTAR releases a free upgrade P50 battery module repair function again!

OBDSTAR P50 supports the BMS crash record(P1609) repair function by bench for the 8R0915233 and 8R0915591 parts. No need to disassemble and read the chip, and no risk and difficulty, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.


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