Xhorse Mini Key Tool + Autel IM608 Add Toyota Corolla 2016 Key

How to program a new smart key for Toyota Corolla 2016 via OBD? The procedure includes unlock smart key with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool, register new key with Autel MaxiIM IM608/ IM508 Key Programmer.

Unlock Smart Key
Put the key into VVDI Mini Key Tool slot, press
Special Function >> Unlock Toyota Smartkey >> Unlock
Unlock OK.

Read key info, it is a Toyota 8A smart key.





Add New Smart Key
In this step, you’ll also need a working key.
Plug Autel IM508 or IM608 connector into OBD.

After the car model was identified, go to
Special function >> Smart code registration >> OK

This function is for registering a key.
Turn the ignition/ power switch on(engine off/ read off).
Do not carry any device which may generate electric waves into the vehicle, such as a cellular phone.
Note that each step must be performed within a specific amount of time.
Do not carry 2 or more keys into the vehicle. This may cause the function to fail.

Number of available spaces for new codes: 6
Number of registered key codes: 1
Check the current number of key codes, press “Next”.

Ensure that the 2 types of keys are separated and placed 30cm(1ft) or more from the vehicle.
1. Separate the 2 types of keys;
2. Place a registered key into the vehicle.

Touch the ignition with a registered key(beep) in 30s.
Number of key to confirm: 1
Press “Start”.

Touch the ignition with a new key to be registered in 30s.
1. Remove the registered key from vehicle.
2. Place a new key into the vehicle.
3. Touch the ignition with new key to be registered.(beep)

Key code registration is completed.

Let’s check the new key, it can use normally.






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