OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Manual: Transfer Files Using USB Flash Drive

This post will guide you on how to transfer files using a USB flash drive on your OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 Key Programmer.


Step 1. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of your device.

Step 2. Expand the hidden menu at the bottom of the desktop and select [ES File Explorer] to open it. In the left menu, select [Local] > [Home]. The block under the Internal Storage block is for USB storage.

Step 3. Open [Internal Storage], select any folder (or open the folder to select files) and hold. An empty circle will appear under each file, and function buttons such as copy, cut, delete, and rename will appear at the bottom right. Select the folder (or file) you want to transfer, the circle under the selected folder will be marked with a checkmark and turn green, then tap [Copy].


Step 4. Go back to the Home tab, then select the storage for the USB you inserted.


Step 5. Open the [Usb Storage] folder and all the folders in the USB drive will be displayed (See example below). Paste the copied folder (or file) to the desired location.


Step 6. After everything is done, just pull out the USB flash drive.

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