My first key cutting machine: xhorse dolphin or kukai sec-e9

If you are looking for your first key cutting machine, and wondering buy xhorse dolphin or kukai sec-e9. Please read the following parts based on users’ feedback.

Firstly, please ask yourself these questions:
The answer to your question depends on your needs, forget for now cheap or expensive, and look at what you need it for.
-Are you looking to cut occasional keys, a lot of keys?
-Do you want updates and the latest keyways first?
-Do you want a machine for now or a machine for many years?
-Do you want a machine that holds its value so you get a decent rate when you sell on rather than a worthless bit of kit
-What you want and what coverage you want reliably then fit the right machine to your needs

kukai sec-e9 review
1. SEC E9z – only for car keys
SEC E9 is a little bit better can cut all key*

2. I’ve had my sec e9 a little over a year and it’s been good to me. It was my first key cutter as well.

kukai sec-e9z reviews:
User 1:
I have SEC E9z – and I’m happy with this machine
For start E9z is OK but If you think to use VVDI MB for Mercedes keys will be better to buy XHorse with VVDI MB and will have one token free every day

Compare what they can do and what they can’t do:
copies most type of key:
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin YES

cuts car keys:
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin YES

cuts house keys by code:
kukai sec-e9 YES
xc-mini/dolphin NO cannot

can do engraving:
kukai sec-e9/9z YES
xc-mini/dolphin NO

so as of right now sec-e9 can do much more

can cut dimple keys (xhorse cant do)

can cut tubular keys (xhorse cant do)

can cut house keys(xhorse cant do)

can cut old GM 6 cut single side key(xhorse cant do)

can cut cabinet key y11 to code (xhorse cant do)

can engrave key with phone/logo whatever(xhorse cant do)

ok now heres where they get you tho the clamps and extras

High-Security Automotive Clamp and BONUS: HU66 Clamp for VW, Audi and Porsche

so you get two clamps

and there are a few more

engraving clamp 300

single sided clamp 200

home dimple clamp 300

tubular key clamp 195

tibbe key clamp 150

mercedes h64 clamp 99

hu162t vw clamp 99

one side toy2 adapter 99

sip22 fca adapter 99

and another 100 in cutters for those
thats almost another 1700 dollars in extra clamps you would need to get to kit this out

Xhorse Dolphin work with your phone – E9/E9z can’t

Xhorse Dolphin has option for battery – E9/E9z hasn’t

If you make 70 keys for Mercedes with free tokens Dolphin comes free

Dolphin is half price than E9

Most of E9 clamps are useless you can cut the key without them, for example: I bought E9z with all clamp but for example, I’m cutting VA2 HU92 and HU66 without a clamp.

To be upgrading…

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