VVDI MB V5.0.1 can disable FBS4 key, CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys

Confirmed: VVDI MB V5.0.1 can disable FBS4 key, CGDI MB can read FBS4 keys, and only MB dealer can do fbs4 key.

VVDI MB V5.0.1 upgrade content:
Add FBS4 disable key function(Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support
W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type.
VVDI MB V5.0.1 free download:
Pass: 12345

cgdi mb on FBS4 key:
CGDI can read FBS4 keys and knows if it’s in a working status or if the key is damaged;
CGDI can read EIS FBS4 and knows if it is working or not working.
That is CGDI can’t make calculation for FBS4. Only Read to know the status.


FBS4 applicable models:
Applicable Models: April 2013 to Present, Model W212; July 2013 to Present, Models 166, 207, V212; September 2014 to Present, Model 218; November 2014 to Present, Models 117, 156; April 2015 to Present, Model 172; MY-AII, Models 205, 217, 218, 222, 231.
MY2013, Model 166 with Code 803, Models 207 and 212 with Code 804.

Also, you can check SA Codes on vehicle data card or use any suitable online vin decoder to see SA codes related to your vin. You are looking for the presence of SA code 803 or 804, depending on the Model this means vehicle is FBS4 related.

No device can do fbs4 yet. Only MB dealer can do it.


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