CGDI BMW makes spare keys for BMW CAS3 in what safest method?


I have one new CGDI BMW key programmer

Car model and year:

BMW X5 ( 2009 ) and BMW X5 ( 2012 ), both I think are CAS3.


Make some spare keys in safest method

My question:

If I will make a complete backup with VVDI PROG of the cas  ( eeprom and flash ) will be safe to make keys ? Even need to downgrade ? because I don’t want to brick the cars.

And another thing , can I make on bench the key ? I saw if I connect CAS PIN 34 to 12V and OBD 16 , CAS PIN 12 to gnd and 4 5 to obd and the can line’s can work on bench ? 

Chief engineer replied:

Safest option is to read CAS eeprom with a tool like VVDI prog, hextag, cg pro, etc. Load CAS dump in CGDI and make key. Encrypted cas will require either a working key or DME ISN. Working from dump is safe, no downgrade needed.

My another question:

So , even is an CAS3+ ISTA P , if I will read the eeprom and flash with VVDI PROG , can make key from dump ? And with working key just read the ISN from the key ?

Chief engineer replied:

correct, even if cas is cas3+ ISTAP you can simply just read cas with vvdi Pro to get eeprom and can make key from that with working key (if no working key then isn from dme).


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