2007 W164 EIS read when all keys lost with VVDI MB

Post begins with a question: I have VVDI MB, is this EIS now able to be read by IR on all keys lost?
I tried the option on the bench but it was making me remove and reinsert the IR reader over and over again.
It got to 20% and then failed.
There is no option for fast relay.

Anybody done one of these successfully?

YES VVDI MB does work. When it fails, it will resume where it left off.
Average 12 insert/remove per 1% of data processed.
1200 time to insert and remove
average 4 seconds every insert and remove
4800 seconds if you go non stop and no fails
1hr 20 mins and a ~~~~ing sore hand.
2007 W164 EIS read with CGDI MB-01 2007 W164 EIS read with CGDI MB-02

Bye bye to the above method, The better solution is one additional Power Adapter without pluging in and out emulator key every 5 seconds .

Look here for Power Adapter working together with VVDI MB:

Here is wiring diagram:


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