ThinkDiag Reset DPF for 2017 GM Chevy Silverado

Hi, I’m here with THINKCAR ThinkDiag diagnostic tool, and today I’m going to show how to reset DPF on a 2017 GM Chevrolet Silverado. When you have a lot of carbon built up in your engine, the diesel particulate filter becomes clogged up, and this service will clean that up for you to make engine run smoother.
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So let’s go ahead and get ThinkDiag connected with OBD2 port of Chevrolet. Turn ignition on, then start the ThinkDiag app on smart phone.

Thinkstore >> More >> Reset DPF

We have 2 ways of resetting the DPF here, we can either select the manufacturer directly like GM. That will let us reset all GM and Chevy vehicles. Or we can just select reset DPF at the bottom here that would allow us to reset any vehicles.
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GM >> OK >> OK >> manual select >> DPF service regeneration >> Chevrolet
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thinkdiag-reset-dpf-for-2017-gm-chevy-silverado (4)

Silverado >> 2015-2018 >> OK >> OK >> OK >> OK
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thinkdiag-reset-dpf-for-2017-gm-chevy-silverado (6)

Then the command state is on, you’ll see that change at the top there. And then let’s now run the test. Once you’ve done, the command state goes back to off.
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This is how to use ThinkDiag OBD2 Scanner to reset DPF by yourself. If you have any questions please visit our web

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