(Fixed) Software error when ACDP 1 authorization is transferred to ACDP 2

Recently, we received feedback from a customer saying that after his ACDP 1 authorization was successfully transferred to ACDP 2, the software had an error and could not be used normally:
On Android, it shows “The program verification is abnormal”.
On the iPhone, it shows an “unknown error”.



The technician gave a solution: clear the cache and then enter the software again.
Customer feedback: I have tried this before. I tried again. Same issue. I need to use this as soon as possible as I have customers waiting.


Finally, we helped the customer contact the factory technician for remote support and found out that there was a bug in the authorization transfer software. The technician helped to fix it. After clearing the cache again, the software works fine.

Customer feedback:
Perfect it worked.
I appreciate your help very much!


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