OBDSTAR Upgrade: Check 2018+ Nissan Infiniti Free Pincode

OBDSTAR has released Nissan & Infiniti IMMO Upgrade V32.28, added checking 2018+ Nissan free pincode function for key programming. Charged 8 credits by times, workable on OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS, X300 PRO4.

Details Added:

Brand Year Model Function
NISSAN 2018- Kicks Proximity/Blade 22-digit(actually 20-digit) rolling code key programming(free pincode)
Micra K14

1. OBDSTAR one-click free key programming;

2. OBDSTAR pincode software, checking 22-digit rolling code pincode for devices from other manufacturers, charges by times.


Operation Steps
* Please strictly follow the device tips during operation process.
Connect Key Master DP Plus/Key Master 5 to a car, enter into
Car IMMO >> PINCODE >> PINCODE V30.04(select latest version) >> NISSAN/INFINITI >> 20 DIGIT PINCODE >> KICKS >> 2018- BLADE/PROXIMITY
obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-2 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-3 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-4 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-5 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-6 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-7

Read note, click “Enter”:
This function is available by connecting the server, please ensure the Internet connection is normal.

1. This function is developed in cooperation with a third party. A certain fee is required to inquire the password;
2. It’s possible to query fails. No fee will be deducted if the query fails, please reset assured to use.

Check pincode requires 8 credits each time, click “OK”.
obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-8 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-9

Input 20 digits ID code reading out by the device from other manufacturer, double click “Enter” to confirm.
(Actual 22 digits, but only input the first 20 digits)

Check successfully, 8 credits deducted, click “OK”.

Rolling code has been read out successfully.
obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-10 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-11 obdstar-upgrade-nissan-infiniti-free-pincode-12


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