Lonsdor K518S + LKE Program 2015 Toyota Crown AKL Success

This is a guide to show how to program 2015 Toyota Crown all keys lost successfully with Lonsdor K518 Plus LKE Smart Key. Easy and fast in 4 minutes via OBD.

Connect K518S Key Programmer to OBD,
1. Backup EEPROM Data
Immo & remote >> Toyota >> Select from type >> All smart key lost >> All key lost >> Backup EEPROM Data
1) This function can back up car EPROM data.
2) When backup complete, go to “Make emulator key” to make an emergency emulator key.
3) Use the key to touch the start button to ignition dashboard and add key.
Press “OK”.


2. Generate LKE
Select “Generate LKE”.

This function can generate an alternate master key when all the key are lost. This key can replace the original working key to turn on the dashboard to add key.

Please place LKE Key Emulator into K518 card slot.

The key emulator(LKE) is already bound to the device, whether to choose the required EEPROM backup file to generate LKE?
OK >> Load data file

Current EPROM info:
Count of keys: 1
Key type: A8

Once the key is generated, put the spare key close to the ignition, turn on the dashboard, and select “Add key” function to program new key.



3. Add New Key
Put an emulator key or workable original key close to the ignition switch, and turn it ON till the dashboard is lit up.

Count of the registered keys:1

Put the back side of the registered key close to the start button, when buzzer rings once, remove the key.
Within 30s to put back of the key(to be registered) close to car start button, when buzzer beeps twice, remove the key.

Operation completed!
Count of the registered keys:2



4. Test Key
Test the new key now.
Remote works fine, and it can start the engine.

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