OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/P50 Airbag Reset Upgrade V30.46

OBDSTAR has released airbag reset upgrade V30.46 on 11th, Aug. Added 275 part no. again, 8800+ part no. supported in total. Now it’s available on OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS & OBDSTAR P50.

Add 231 part numbers to support airbag reset:
Add ACURA 95640 (1 part No.);
Add ALFAROMEO 95256, 95640 (2 part No.);
Add ASTON MARTIN (1 part No.);
Add BAIC R7F701008 (4 part No.);
Add BRILLIANCE R7F701008 (5 part No.);
Add CHEVROLET R7F7010083 (3 part No.);
Add CITROEN 95320 (1 part No.);
Add DODGE 95256 (1 part No.);
Add FORD 95320, MAC7242, TC22XX-16F (4 part No.);
Add GREAT WALL XC2336A (1 part No.);
Add HAIMA R7F701008(5 part no.);
Add HONDA 95640, SPC56AP54, TC23XX32F (8 part No.);
Add HONGQI R7F701008, R7F701009 (5 part No.);
Add HYUNDAI 95256, 95512, TC23XX-16F, TC23XX-32F (9 part No.);
Add INFINITI 93C76, 95640 (3 part no.);
Add JEEP 95512 (2 part No.);
Add KIA 95512 (1 part No.);
Add MAZDA XC2361A (1 part No.);
Add NISSAN 95128, TC22XX-16F (9 part No.);
Add OPEL 95160 (1 part No.);
Add PEUGEOT XC2336B-40F (1 part No.);
Add RENAULT 95080, 95160, R7F701042, TC222A-16F (92 part No.);
Add SEAT TC22XX-16F (1 part No.);
Add SUBARU H8SX1726 (1 part No.);
Add TOYOTA H8SX172X, R7F7016443, R7F7016843 (60 part No.);

R7F7016443 (40 part No.):

89170-02W60 89170-0A200 89170-12G10 89170-47B50 89170-60F10
89170-02W80 89170-0A220 89170-12L30 89170-48E10 89170-60F80
89170-02Y10 89170-0C660 89170-28480 89170-48E30 89170-60F90
89170-08110 89170-0C670 89170-42690 89170-48E50 89170-60G00
89170-08210 89170-0C690 89170-42700 89170-48F60 89170-60G70
89170-08230 89170-0E330 89170-42720 89170-48120 89170-78090
89170-0A100 89170-0E340 89170-42730 89170-60D70 89170-78150
89170-0A140 89170-0E350 89170-42F10 89170-60D80 89170-F6010


R7F7016843 (19 part No.):

89170-0DE20 89170-0DF50 89170-52P70 89170-52Q50 89170-K0060
89170-0DE30 89170-0DG60 89170-52Q10 89170-52Q60 89170-K0070
89170-0DF30 89170-0H220 89170-52Q20 89170-52Q70 89170-K0080
89170-0DF40 89170-52P60 89170-52Q30 89170-K0010  

Add VW MPC5604P, TC224L-16F(2 part No.);
Add ZOTYE R7F701008 (7 part No.);
Add 44 part numbers to support read/erase DTC:
Add AUDI 95640 (2 part No.);
Add BAOJUN TMS570 (1 part No.);
Add CHANGAN R7F701A033 (1 part No.);
Add DODGE 95128 (5 part No.);
Add FIAT 95640, TC23XX-32F (23 part No.);
Add GEELY XC2336B-40F (1 part No.);
Add JAGUAR 9S12DT128 (5 part No.);
Add SUBARU R7F7016863 (5 part No.);
Add VW R7F701071 (1 part No.).



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