Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer Clone Audi VL381

This is a tutorial on how to clone 2007 Audi A4 VL381 with Launch X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer on bench. Read this article to learn how easy and fast to do.

Step1. ECU Connection
Connect X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer to PC.
Enter ECU model to search >> Selected the corresponding make, model, engine and ECU(2007 Audi A4, ALT 2000 130 engine, VL381 TC1766 ECU) >> Direct connection diagram
Follow the diagram to connect with Audi gearbox.




Step2. ECU Clone
Connect >> Read EEPROM data >> Save EEPROM data.
Read FLASH data >> Save FLASH data.

Write EEPROM data >> Load the saved EEPROM data file
Writing till…100%.
Write FLASH data >> Load the saved FLASH data file
Writing till…100%.
Data is successfully written.

Audi gearbox clone has been done.
Do not forget to click “Disconnect” before leaving.





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