Launch X-431 Calibrate BMW DSC Steering Angle Sensor

How to use Launch- x431 Diagnostic Scanners to calibrate the BMW DSC steering angle sensor? This is taking X-431 PAD 7 to work on a 2006 BMW E90 as an example, follow the procedure to learn how to do it.

There are 2 fault codes in the ABS module of BMW:
5E3F DSC: steering column switching center: coding DSC required.
5E50 DSC: steering-angle sensor: serial number; calibration required.

Enter ABS >> Continue >> Clear fault code
The 5E50 fault code is still exited.



DSC Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
Fault guidance >> SZL/DSC: steering angle sensor adjustment >> Operate


The steering angle must be calibrated after the following jobs:
Replacement of steering column switch cluster.
Encoding of DSC control unit
Replacement of DSC control unit
Adjustment work on steering geometry
Working on steering and/or Front Axle
Press “Continue”.

The run flat indicator must be additionally initialized after adjusting the steering angle sensor on completion of the following work:
Encoding of DSC control unit
Replacement of DSC control unit
Press “Continue”.

Important info:
For vehicles starting from 12/2004, the SZL must be encoded after a replacement.
The adjustment of the steering angle sensor in the steering column switch cluster only works if the steering column switch cluster is encoded.

The steering column switch cluster is automatically encoded as the DSC control unit is encoded.
Do you wish to cancel the test module? No.

Exactly set front wheels to the straight-ahead position. The steering wheel must be positioned horizontally(approximate setting sufficient).
Press “Continue”.

The steering wheel must be positioned horizontally!
Otherwise, this may cause problems during vehicle operation(zero point of steering angle is detected as faulty)!!!
Press “Continue”.

Adjustment in progress…
Please wait.

At this time, warnings on the dashboard have all gone.


Adjustment of the steering angle was successful.
Visually align the steering wheel in a horizontal position to check the zero position of the steering angle(wheels in straight-ahead position)
Press “Continue”.

With the steering wheel in a horizontal position, does the displayed steering angle = 0 degree (Tolerance +/-2 degree)? Yes

Adjustment of the steering angle was carried out correctly.
Initialize Run Flat Indicator if necessary.
The test module is ended in the next test step.
Press “Continue”.

Service function finished.

Go to read the fault code.
There’s no DTC anymore.

This is using Launch X-431 PAD VII to successfully solve BMW DSC steering angle sensor calibration problems.

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