JDiag Faslink M1 Andoird Smart Phone Connection Guidance

Here is the guide about JDiag Faslink M1 Andoird Smart Phone Connection

1. Choose [Settings-Bluetooth] on your Android phone.

2. Scan Available Device choose [OBDII] or [Other name] ELM 327 Device.

3. Input pair [password] if needed.

4. After paired successfully, it will shows:

5. Open [FasLink] icon

6. Choose [Option]

7. Choose [Bluetooth Devices]

8. Choose the [paired device name] in the list, then back

Troubleshooting and Support
Q: What can i do if i can not connect Bluetooth adapter.
A: Please make sure all your connection steps are did as the user manual steps, then make sure your ELM 327 Bluetooth device is Bluetooth 2.0, the 4.0 is not supported right now, we are now working on it.
Q: Why there are some DTC codes are not able to be cleared?
A: Some DTC code are able to be cleared, but some not, it’s upon to the error codes type, some error you must fix the problem then able to clear it !


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