How to Select Yanhua Mini ACDP Options to Clone BMW FEM?


I have to clone BMW FEM LR01 ZB7 HIGH CA. I bought exactly the same FEM with the same HW ID. There are 2 options: Copy Data Replace & Calculate Data Replace in Mini ACDP Master. But I’m not sure which option I have to select.

Can you please help me? What is the difference here?




  1. If having the original working key, and the FEM module can be communicated, please select “Copy data replace”.
  2. If the original FEM module can’t be communicated and pre-programmed, please select “Calculate data replace”.

Cars before 2015 should be programmed by OBD.


Thanks to Obd2shop engineer, I have known how to distinguish the ACDP options to clone a BMW FEM.


Hope this helpful.

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