How to Reset TPMS Sensors with Launch X431 CRT5011E?

We usually have encountered this situation in the maintenance of vehicles: vehicle tire pressure alarm does not display tire value as shown in the picture. Today I’ll introduce the device Launch X431 CRT5011E + LTR-01 RF Sensor that can do car tire pressure.

Initial Setup
1) Hold down the power button for 3s while using it.
2) Open X431 CRT5011E, go to the Home screen to select “Set Up”.
3) After entering, modify the pressure unit & language for your own use.

How to reset TPMS sensors?
The faulty vehicle was a 2017 Porsche Macan. The instrument’s left rear tire pressure displays an abnormal alarm.

Open X431 CRT5011E,
Tire Pressure System >> Porsche >> Macan >> 2014/01-2022/12(433MHz) >> Check Sensor
Trigger against the valve nozzle as shown.
You can see the other 3 sensors are normal, the left rear tire pressure sensor is abnormal.





Method 1
Use the Launch LTR-01 RF Sensor to replace the damaged tire pressure sensor.
Program Sensor >> Manual Input/ copy ID by OBD
1) Write the left rear sensor ID of the original car into the tire pressure sensor under Launch. You can see the message of programming success.
2) Follow the tire pressure sensor installation instructions to put a new sensor in the left rear tire of the car. Select “Check Sensor” on the function screen.
3) Then trigger 4 tire pressure sensors against the valve ports. The left rear has been successfully replaced by the new Launch tire pressure sensor.
4) Clear the trouble code.

The vehicle instrument tire pressure monitoring system has returned to normal.






Method 2
Of course, you can also replace the original tire pressure sensor directly. This tire pressure sensor in Turi is ID D2319C3E.
1) Select “Check Sensor” on the function screen.
2) Trigger 4 tire pressure sensors against the valve port. You can see that the left rear tire pressure sensor is the new ID.
3) Return to select “Relearn >> OBD Relearn”.
4) Take out the OBDII diagnostic main line according to the prompts, and connect the vehicle OBDII diagnostic socket to the 5011E device.
Then continue, it’ll indicate success in learning.

The vehicle instrument tire pressure monitoring system has returned to normal.







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