Fixed! Xprog 6.12 software file corrupted on win10 win7

I bought xprog 6.12. on win10 and win7 the same thing: file corrupted! This program has been manipulated and maybe it’s infected by A virus or cracked. This file won’t work anymore. PS: the antivirus is free.
Xprog 6.12 software file corrupted-01

Xprog 6.12 software file corrupted-02

The operating system must be 32bit. on 64bit – does not work.
put executable files as exceptions for the built-in antivirus.

Finally, solved!
Finally found and everything works.
Friend sent a working 6.12 program
XPROG V6.12:
password: fxo5qz

or here:

step-by-step instructions for installing software 6.12 on a computer and a link to the software

Good luck!

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