Tips on Benz sprinter 2011 key making with CGDI MB Programmer

Question 1: Used CGDI MB programmer, somebody did make key on sprinter 2011? can cgdi make it? all key lost(key not working)
Answer: not working at all or the remote works but not start the car?

Question 2: I am not sure, customer call me and ask me if I can make key, he say car not starting with original key
Answer: Programmer read MСU and with the help of the CGDI make the key. Maybe there latch died?

Question 3: I need to take out eis, and read mcu with programmer? and make key buy dump? sorry for stupid questions but MB not everyday come to me) and about latch i will test tomorrow i have esl/elv simulator but i am not sure what is body have sprinter 2011,are its w906?
Answer 1:
1). Try to install the latch emulator.
2). If clause 1 does not work, read the EIS date just in case with the help of the CGDI, save it. Then remove the EZS and with the help of the programmer read MCU. The programmer can use VVDiprog.
3). Substitute the read dump into the CGDI, generate and write the key.

Answer 2: yes, take it out…
identify mcu…
read eeprom…
when you are not able to generate keys with your tool…
send dump to customer service, they will make you keys and send by mail back…
write it to the keys…

Thanks to DK forum users.

Thanks to Laurance for collection.

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