BMW 8HP EGS ISN clear and synchronize via OBD with CGDI BMW

CGDI Pro BMW user can get get the EGS ISN authorization for free now when you receive the device, you don’t need to offer the SN to the service and neither have CGDI MB or CG-PRO etc.

Attach a imageof CGDI BMW all authorization ( “Yes” means it is authorized for free)


Guide on how to use CGDI BMW to clear and synchronize EGS ISN:

Remove EGS computer and connect with OBD following according to software wiring diagram:

Clear_EGS_ISN_EN-01 Clear_EGS_ISN_EN-02

After make connection, open CGDI BMW software and click on “EGS ISN”.

Automatically connect to view relevant information.

The EGS will be programmed. Click YES to confirm, please ensure that the car battery has enough power.

1. Confirm the VIN
2. Support modification

Programming module.
Clear_EGS_ISN_EN-07 Clear_EGS_ISN_EN-08

EGS ISN cleared.

The connection will be terminated and the car EGS will be automatically synchronized.

Video Guide:

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