Benz 205 Actuation Of Function DoIP and Coding Of Control Unit Audio 20

Car model and year: Benz 205

Purpose: Actuation Of Function DoIP as well as Coding Of Control Unit “Audio 20”

Software to use: Xentry Diagnosis 2019.3 running with VXdiag Benz C6

Step by step procedure:
Open Xentry.

Benz C6 will automatically identify the model (except old models)


Initial quick test running…

Click on “Control units – 1 Error codes: F-1 /f -0 / i-0”.
vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-05 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-06

Click on “Xentry Tips for Xentry Login.
vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-07 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-08

Back to click on “Xentry Diagnosis”, then ” A26/17 – Audio 20 (Audio) “, then “Continue”.

Communication with control unit ‘A26/17 -Audio 20 (Audio)’ is being established…

Actuations – Actuation of function “Ethernet communication (DoIP)”.

Click on the “Start” button
vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-12 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-13 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-14

Click on “Adaptations”, then “Updating of SCN coding”.
The following operation is automatic, it will take several minutes.
vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-15 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-16

vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-17 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-18

The SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully.
Input the repair order number, then click on “Continue”.
vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-19 vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-diagnosis-scn-coding-20


Big thanks to VXdiag Benz C6, it is really nice to perform the Actuation of function “Ethernet communication (DoIP) and the SCN coding is wonderful.

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